Goodbye Bar Code – Toshiba Develops Next-Generation Scanner

By | May 20, 2017

Toshiba Develops Next-Generation Scanner: Did you have to wait for the cashier in the supermarket to look for the code of the vegetable or fruit you are buying? Well, a scanner from a Japanese supermarket developed by Toshiba could be solving the delay, since it does not require entering a special product code.

Goodbye Bar Code – Toshiba Develops Next-Generation Scanner

Goodbye Bar Code - Toshiba Develops Next-Generation Scanner

Toshiba Develops Next-Generation Scanner

A scanner from a supermarket developed with Toshiba technology allows to detect different types of apples and fruits without having to enter a code and without having bar code on it.

The scanner uses a novel technology from Toshiba , allows the scanner to recognise the different products without a bar-code or manual entry thereof. The objects are “scanned” when placed in front of the camera that recognises patterns located in a database, allowing to detect the difference between very similar products and allows to eliminate the hands of the cashier or other objects that would not be for sale.

he new Toshiba scanner not only detects the difference between an orange and a mandarin, but would also allow different types of apples to be detected. Toshiba ensures that the scanner works at high speed, allowing the efficiency of the cashier to increase considerably.

The scanner would not be working only with fruits and vegetables, but they emphasise a little more these products since they are the ones that generally present more difficulty in the different boxes. The scanner can recognise other products with labels, as well as coupons.

At the moment, Toshiba would be creating a more advanced database and would be making some improvements to be able to have a more optimal performance.

This kind of technologies could actually be facilitating having to memorise codes, look for codes or not recognise some products.

Check out below video

Introductory Video to Toshiba Scanner Technology

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