TaKe-On Muay Thai XXIII Official Results

By | August 21, 2016

MAIN EVENT – Justin Greskiewicz (17-7), Cool Hearts VS Eddie Martinez (30-5 Combined), Sitan Gym CT (UD)Joel Estevez (6-0), Sitan Gym NY (UD) VS Jon Curtis (5-4), Weapons 9

Carlos Nunes (4-3) UFC Gym CT VS Remi Singh (4-2) Militia Fight Academy (UD)

Raphael Santiago (5-0) Krudar Canada VS Neil Mustafa (8-0) Sitan Gym PA (UD)

Stephen Pritchett (1-1) Renzo Gracie (SD) VS Aaron Hauck (0-2) Evolution Muay Thai

Martin Gonzalez (3-2) Canada (UD) VS Greg “Tank” Lachaga (3-5) Sitan Gym NY

Ethan Geffen (0-0), Queens MMA (UD) VS Sonnie Berrieum (0-2), Weapons 9

Nicole Recchia (0-0), King’s Muay Thai VS Angela Chang (1-0), Sitan NY (UD)

Vernal McCalla, Renzo Gracie BK VS Yorrick Anderson, Class One MMA (TKO)

Phil Verna, The Wat VS Ricardo Mixco, Crazy 88 MD (UD)

Nate King, (2-1) SCNY (TKO) VS Jay McClinton (2-0), King’s Muay Thai

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