The “smartwatches” conspicuous by their absence at the Mobile World Congress

By | April 18, 2017

The “smartwatches” conspicuous: Many virtual reality , new ” smartphones “, the trend of Internet of things … and what happened to the ” smartwatches ‘ in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona? Barcelona has just closed a new impression/edition of the largest technology fair housing our country, and one of the leading in the world, where smart watches seem to have desaparido.

The “smartwatches” conspicuous by their absence at the Mobile World Congress



Obviously this is a metaphor. His vanishing is not literal but it is true that brands have not focused their efforts on such “gadgets”. For example, Sony expected the new “smartwatch” 4. However, there has been no evidence of him even though it is the device/tool that the company takes more time without updating.


During the Mobile World Congress we have seen smart watches as the Samsung Gear S2 , the Huawei Watch or Alcatel OneTouch Watch , “gadgets” well known. Sim does, however, there has been some small presentation, as rightly -very little proposal Acer with INOX CyberTool.

You have then ended the battle for the “smartwatches”? Those who were protagonists last year seem to have been forgotten mainly because of virtual reality, the trend most talked about in Barcelona, ​​as well as new phones.

It is true that the “wearable” technology seems to remain the future . So says IDC. Experts predict that will reach a total of 111.1 million units sold in 2016. “One of the most popular types of this technology are the ‘smartwatches’, of which a total of 34.3 million units sold in 2016, compared to 21.3 in 2015 , “says the specialist consultant.

"smartwatches" conspicuous

Meanwhile, Strategy Analytics also augurs well for smart watches, whose shipment reached 8.1 million units in the last quarter of 2015, compared to 7.9 million Swiss watches. Do not forget that since they were born the “smartwatches” the Swiss watchmaking has been released on a new adventure in which reinvent themselves to stand up to rivals like Apple or Samsung and analysis by the company notes that ” global demand for Swiss watches is slowing . ”

The “smartwatches” conspicuous

According to Strategy Analytics, the main demand of smart watches comes from North America, Western Europe and Asia. In fact, Apple has already won 63% of the international market share at the end of 2015, followed by Samsung with 16% .

It is true that in the last IFA in Berlin the largest technology fair prior to Mobile World Congress, held in late August and princios September 2015, Motorola introduced its Moto 360 , Samsung did the same with the Gear S2 and Huawei also then officially entered the era of ” smartwatches .”

Toca wait now if virtual reality will be the main sector in which large companies focus their efforts this 2016 to the detriment of the “smartwatches” whose future is also conditioned by the eSIM .

Do not forget that Telefonica , through its subsidiary O2, will go on sale next April in Germany the “smartwatch” Samsung Galaxy S2 classic 3G remote SIM , which is the first device present for marketing by the group that does not need a physical SIM. An advance its development will determine the future of technology “wearable”.

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