One Year Extension For LA Notice The Government On Saturday Issued An Extension Of The LA

By | May 16, 2017

One Year Extension For LA Notice: Non-pooling farmers have alleged that the government has resumed using its ploy to instil fear in them by issuing the notification for Land Acquisition (LA).

One Year Extension For LA Notice The Government On Saturday Issued An Extension Of The LA

One Year Extension For LA Notice

The government on Saturday issued an extension of the LA notification to acquire lands in Borupalem, Pichukalapalem, Tullur, Ananthavaram and Abbarajupalem villages of the Amaravati capital region.

The total extent of land issued for acquisition is 11.04 acres only in the five villages.

The government had earlier too issued an LA notification to acquire the lands, but there was no action towards making the acquisition.

One Year Extension For LA Notice

The non-pooling farmers are alleging that the government’s fear inducement tactic would enable it to make the reluctant farmers give up the remaining lands under the Land Pooling Scheme (LPS) to the CRIDA.

The government issued the LA notification on August 20, 2015, to acquire 4.25 acres in Tullur. 0.83 acres in Borupalem, 0.78 acres in Pichukalapalem, 0.89 acre in Abbarajupalem and 4.26 Ananthavaram villages. Facing severe protests from farmers, CRDA vice-chairman and minister for municipal administration P. Narayana announced the cancellation of the LA notification.

But the Guntur district collector on Saturday issued a notification for the extension of the time limit for land acquisition to another 12 months, which shocked the non pooling farmers.

The non-pooling farmers are suspecting that the LA notification. issued to farmers, was by sympathisers of Telugu Desam. who did not oppose it for the past one year, and now, the government had extended the notification period for another year to force the anti-LS farmers to capitulate and collect the remaining lands under LPS.

Rajadhani Farmers Association leader G. Naresh Reddy said that CRDA had to collect the majority non-pooling lands from Penumaka, Undavalli and adjacent areas, but the government had not issued LA notification to these villages for the past one year.

He said that the government issued notification to the TD sympathiser farmers in five villages for collection of 11.04 acres and those farmers had not gone to the courts for justice against the LA notification.

Note: Naresh Reddy mentioned that the anti LPS farmers of Penumaka, Undavalli and other areas went to court and continued cultivation for the past two years with the help of the court orders. He said that they would not give their lands under LPS or LAA.

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