Lifestyle change affecting Women Gestational diabetes Low Insulin Levels

By | April 8, 2017

Lifestyle change affecting Women: GD develops during pregnancy and occurs because of low insulin levels, resulting in high blood glucose levels. Gestational diabetes usually starts in the middle or towards the end of pregnancy, according to obstetricians and gynaecologists.

Lifestyle change affecting Women Gestational diabetes Low Insulin Levels

More and more instances of gestational diabetes are being reported among Women from Vijayawada and its suburbs.Lifestyle change affecting WomenThe growing tendency of obesity among the women living in the capital region is leading to this complication, according to the doctors. Women are advised to be more cautious, as lifestyle among the city and suburban ladies in the capital region is changing rapidly.

Gestational diabetes is very common, and it may affect up to 18 in 100 Women during pregnancy. Most women who develop diabetes in pregnancy have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies but occasionally gestational diabetes can cause serious problems, especially if it goes unrecognised, said Dr. Uma Mikkilineni.

Lifestyle change affecting Women

If blood glucose is too high, the baby will produce more insulin, which can lead to serious birth problems and even stillbirth. These risks are higher if gestational diabetes is not detected and controlled, she opined.

A baby producing extra insulin may have low blood glucose levels after birth and is more likely to need additional care in a neonatal unit, according to Dr. B.K. Ranga, agynae cologist. Such babies may beat greater risk of developing obesity and or diabetes in later life.

Change in the lifestyle of women in and around Vijayawada and its suburbs is leading to such complications, Dr Ranga said and added that it was not the case earlier in coastal districts.

“The case was different three decades ago in Vijayawada and adjoining places,” she observed and added that junk food consumption and Working style have brought theseunWanted risks to Women living in the capital region.

NRIs set to develop villages

The Non-Resident Indians, inspired by the development works in Sattenapalli and Narasaraopeta in Guntur district decided to render their services for the development of villages.

NRIs set to develop villages

A team of NRIs led by V. Ravi Kumar visited Dammalapadu, Makkena, Pahindam, Sattenapalli and Narasaraopeta areas on Thursday. AP Legislative Assembly Speaker, K. Sivaprasada Rao showed developed graveyards, RO water plants and others and explained about the development process
with the help of philanthropists.

Mr Sivaprasada Rao asked the NRIs to develop their native areas by adopting the village under Smart Village programme, He said that private companies also coming forward to adopt the villages under corporate social responsibility.

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