Jumping Traffic Signals Bothers City Cops VIJAYAWADA @ Installed RLVD cameras

By | April 28, 2017

Jumping traffic signals bothers city cops VIJAYAWADA: The restoration of traffic signals at all major junctions in the city is creating new problems for the traffic police. City commuters who have become accustomed to driving freely often end up ignoring red lights and jumping signals. They even confront the Cops and argue when they are caught.

Jumping Traffic Signals Bothers City Cops VIJAYAWADA @ Installed RLVD cameras

Jumping traffic signals bothers city cops

A traffic constable tries to stop a person from jumping

In a bid to regulate the chaotic traffic in the city, the traffic police re-activated signals at 21 junctions. Though the signals Were already present, they had been non-functional for the past few months, after the conclusion Of Krishna Pushkaralu. During this period, the police managed the junctions and regulated traffic manually.

Jumping Signals Bothers City Cops

With the restoration of signals, people are finding it difficult to cope with the change, as they have gotten used to looking Out for traffic cops instead of red lights.

A traffic cop on duty at M.G. Road said, “It seems like people have completely forgotten that they need to look at the lights; so far, they have been looking at us. They try to cross signals in a hurry, Without stopping. Some people even argue with us when we try to stop them.”

There has been a negative response from the city public; people believe that the signals have increased traffic problems instead of easing the flow. S. K. Mastan Vali, a commuter on Eluru Road, observed that the junctions at Nakkal Road and Apsara Centre were very narrow, and they are choked due to vehicles.

Cameras in city to check signal jumps

If you are one who jumps signals when there are no traffic police near around, think twice. The Bengaluru Traffic Police launch the Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD) cameras at 10 junctions to check traffic violations from Thursday.

Unlike enforcement cameras already installed at various junctions, RLVD cameras, besides capturing the image, also convert it into text format which will be automatically transferred to their server at the Traffic Management Centre (TMC).

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