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Lifestyle change affecting Women Gestational diabetes

Lifestyle change affecting Women Gestational diabetes More and more instances of gestational diabetes are being reported among Women from Vijayawada and its suburbs.GD develops during pregnancy and occurs because of low insulin levels, resulting in high blood glucose levels. Gestational diabetes usually starts in the middle or towards the end of pregnancy, according to obstetricians and… Read More »

Nehru Set to join Telugu Desam Party

Nehru Set to join Telugu Desam Party Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee vice president Devineni Rajasekhar (Nehru) had a detailed interaction With his followers at his residence in Gunadala On Sunday. Discussing the pros and cons with his followers and Workers, in case he joins the Telugu Desam, he said he had almost taken a decision… Read More »

YSR Congress to Expose Telugu Desam’s Hidden Strategies

YSR Congress to Expose Telugu Desam’s Hidden Strategies: The YSR Congress has taken an aggressive step to capture the special status movement. As part of it the party is sending signals to the unions, associations and JACs, and for that matter all the political parties irrespective of their ideology and differences with the YSRC. YSR Congress… Read More »